7 Tips For Catholic Daters

Are you looking for a few good tips as someone who is Catholic dating? In other words, you are looking for Catholics who share in the same views as you do. How do you find others who do this? How do you navigate the world of dating when you are not sure who is out there? There are many ways to find just what you are looking for without compromising your Catholic values along the way.

Top 7 Tips To Help

To help you to navigate the Catholic dating world, consider the following top seven tips.


  1. Don't date a non believer. Sure, you think you can convert them. Or, maybe you can just live side by side. Chances are good that this will not happen. It is difficult for two people who have different viewpoints to be married and share decisions about a family together. More so, your Catholic religion wants you to marry a Catholic!
  2. Be honest, with you! Be sure you choose people to date who you would feel comfortable with and even be proud to take home to meet your parents. They should be someone you feel comfortable with taking to church, too.
  3. Don't put yourself in a position where you just cannot be comfortable. Avoid temptation by going on dates in public places. Avoid wearing clothing that is too revealing and gives off the wrong message. Be sure that you do not create a situation that may lead to too much intimacy.
  4. Do not leave them in the dark. As a Catholic, you need to let the person you are dating know that there are stipulations and that you do have a strong faith based life that you are not willing to compromise for anyone. Be sure they know that God is the most important element of your life!
  5. Do not preach to your date. You definitely want them to know what your beliefs are, but do not try to convert them on your first or second date. This not only will push them away, but it may backfire on you, too.
  6. Do consider Christian and Catholic dating websites. This is an excellent way to meet others with the same beliefs as you. They are also looking for people to share their lives with and to do so in a way that would please God. This is also an easy way for you to meet others without having to be put on the spot.
  7. Avoid committing too early. Do not say you love someone on your second date. Do not give yourself to someone too easily. Just because you want to have a date on Saturday night does not mean that you should jeopardize your true feelings and in fact your lifestyle for that person.

These tips can help you to have a good Catholic dating experience, no matter what your past relationships have been. It can be invigorating to know there are others who do fit these goals very well.

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